Themaddee Jay

DJ  ON RADIO TECHNO ZAGREB  ( Resident from 2022 )


He started playing the guitar at 5 years old in the city of Maastricht, The Netherlands. Later on in his childhood he also learned to play the drums and so began his love affair with music. After many years playing in bands, mostly in the Heavy Metal, Rock and Blues genre, he found it was hard to keep bands together, so it was time for a different approach as an artist. His love for Techno started in the early 90’s and got inspired. Then in 1996 he started performing as a DJ and entered a DJ- competition at the now defunct Independent Club Backstage in Maastricht, Netherlands and won. This was when he realised that this was his calling as an artist. He began performing with the artist name THEMADDEEJAY and started producing his own tracks, mainly in the Techno, Hard Techno genre and has been doing so for the last 26 years now. During the pandemic he had so much time on his hand, that he took the time to really learn and improve his skills as a producer, and it shows. He has releases on the following Record Labels: Bass Controllism Records, Hot Peppers Raw, LETS Techno Records, McCarty Records and his own personal label MadMinds Records, amongst others


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