Avi Kazak

DJ ON RADIO TECHNO ZAGREB ( Resident from 2022 )


Homam Kazak Aka Avi Born and raised In Lattakia/ Syria . From the age of 13 Homam has been experimenting and exploring musical genres and found his spot on electronic dance music. Currently 22, Homam is not only a DJ/Producers but also a film maker. His published short films “Movement” and became a youtube sensation. Homam is currently employed as a videographer and an artist at Local Initiative. Musically speaking Homam plays and produces almost all EDM genres. Varying from house,deep house,techno,psy-chill,prog psy and dark psy trance. However from the past years Homam’s concentration in music escalated to a higher BPM. Uplifting trance invaded his work space. He found an open bridge connecting his art and video which all become a pack. This is the project of Utmostsin Fantasy . Avi has also collaborated with Melbourne based DJ “Tech-Aid” in a live sampling project under the name of *Psynesis * Facebook/SoundCloud/YouTube