The Rhythm Fixxer

DJ  ON RADIO TECHNO ZAGREB  ( Resident from 2024)

The Rhyhm-Fixxer  was  born in ostend in the year 1983 he started to listen to electronic music at the age of 14 and he was knowing that this would be the music for him . He started to listen to Hardcore and later on his first Techno rave he felt in love with this future space electronic music style . He was always dreaming that one day he would play and produce Techno music to make people dance on the music he brings  . He started to mix at the age off 21 and 1 year later he played on his first rave and more came . Then 12 years later he started to make his own music . The style’s he play’s and produce is Techno , Hard Techno , Peak Time Techno , Hypnotic Techno , Minimal Techno and Melodic Techno . As Deejay he knows how to get the crowd dancing by bringing the best what Techno music has and his ultimate track selection , toghetter with his amazing mixing skills it is a perfect combo to set the dancefloor on fire . Energetic Techno is what he brings also with his own productions he shows how talented he is  .  Heavy pounding beats , energetic synths and funky percussions rhythms , smashing snares , sharp rides and hithats are the perfect ingrediënts to bring the people in extase and dance to the devil Techno voodoo rhythms  . His music you find on all the digital music stores worldwhide that have been released  on different labels , such as Subwoofer Records (IT) , Nacht Records (UA) , Alienator Records (JP) , Ilisho Records (UA) , Trench  music (IT) , Let’s Techno Records (IT) , Bunker Records (BE), Frame Workxx Records (NL) , D&G Records (BE) , Jambalay Records (IT) and Space Shutlle Recordings (UA)  . He keeps bringing new music and his skills become better and better this will not be the last thing we hear about him and you surrely have to check his music and keep booking this amazing artist thats knows what he is doing behind the decks and knobs . See you on the dancefloor ravers . Thx peace love and Techno music .



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