Richie Thorne

DJ ON RADIO TECHNO ZAGREB ( Resident from 2021 )

BIO Richie Thorne

Richie Thorne lives in Antwerp Belgium and was interested in deejaying at the age of twelve. The passion started because his neighbour was a club dj, he started to learn deejaying from him at a very young age.

He started as resident dj at 16 years old in a small bar. After a year of learning deejaying (knowing his crowd and the music) he wanted to expand his horizon to bigger bars and (famous) clubs. At 17 he started to be a resident dj in a bigger 18 plus bar/club. Funny that he played in a club where he was too young to enter. Finally this club had professional material and therefore he learned to work with professional gear. (prof. Technics Turning tables, mixer (Rodec) and light controllers).  A lot of music was discoverd here as also new vinyl, mixing table and scratching techniques was learned there.

The clubs

Finally he played (not in this order) in different clubs in Belgium like BBC Club (3000p and Live on TMF (a popular tv channel like MTV)) , Maxx/Cream (afterclub 500p), Club La Rocca, (2000p) Café d’anvers Club, (2000pApollo Club (1500p and live on a fm dance radio), Chapeau Bar (300p) and many more resident positions in smaller bars and clubs (+ festivals & techno/houseparty’s.)  By the way, he never stopped learning still today he’s learning every month new music and techniques.  He is still available for a resident position in a bar or club or for a one-time event at a tech house or techno party (2 hour set less or more) More info and bookings on this GSM 0032486372000 or mailto richiethorne@outlook.com.

In the beginning he played mostly Top 40 music combined with 80s, 90s millies and popular house music. Then he start playing pure trance music,(popular and non popular) and the last 10 years he only plays three styles at partys or radio.

  1. Deephouse, (actually a combination of deephouse, progressive house and melodic-house-and- techno in one set), (see my deephouse sets on mixcloud),
  2. Tech house  for popular/commercial clubs or party’s or Techneck Radio.
  3.  Pure techno (this can be Raw /Hypnotic Techno or Peak-time/Dark Techno). Sometimes he plays hard techno/dark techno too but that’s only on demand.  (See his techno sets on mixcloud, hearthis.at and soundcloud)


  • He learned to work with Vinyl (Technics s1200mk2 Turning Table with ortofon needles and Rodec MX180 mixing table, (still have all my 12inch vinyl records (house, trance and techno))
  • He also can handle Denon Turning Tables and the double cd (all models, but he sold all this cd’s because it didn’t have any dj value for him)
  • Very familiar with Pioneer full dj set (all models) with usb/cd  and the last time he prefers, Serato or Virtual DJ Pro (in Virtual DJ Pro he Programmed his own interface, the possiblities are awesome) this combined  with a Pioneer or Hercules controller. He can work with Serato and pioneer controller but he prefers Virtual DJ Pro + Controller because of the many possiblities, the many plug ins and a ton of free samples to use.

Source of my music

To Find new tracks he goes to Beatport.comTraxsource.comMixcloud (looking for techno dj’s who published a tracklist), Soundcloud (looking for new techno music) or, Facebook Techno Groups where people publish there new tracks and also  browsing youtube.com for new undetected but published techno. This result in mixes wich contains (in his genre) popular and non popular music.

Artist and Producer

He also produces his own records, also remixes, a deal with a label will be set in the future. The music he produces is techno, house and Trap.

Resident DJ at Radio Techno Zagreb and Militia underground

Everyone can enjoy his one hour (raw/hypnotic, peak time/dark or hard/darktechno set every Saturday starting from 8pm (West European Time) on Radio Techno Zagreb (to see your waiting time in your country go to https://www.kapital3.net/events/richiethorne

Also starting at the first week (Monday the 2nd of January) with peak time/ dark techno sets a weekly radio show on the dark show at Militia Underground link: https://www.militiaunderground.com

Published Sets

Some sets that are aired on Radio Techno Zagreb or Militia Underground Web are afterwards available.

He publish some sets (not all sets) on Mixcloud  (1800 followers) (https://www.mixcloud.com/djrichiethorne), Hearthis.at (just started to use) (https://hearthis.at/richie-thorne/)  and Souncloud (just started to use) (https://www.soundcloud.com/richie-thorne)

Once published, these sets are shaired with a minimal of 10 big and small Techno Groups on facebook.

By sending a mail to djrichiethorne@gmail.com you can become for free the original file of the set that was aired/ played / published at mp3 quality of 360kbps.


Artist Playlists

Artist Events

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