Alcio dj & karlot

DJ  ON RADIO TECHNO ZAGREB  ( Resident from 2020 )


Alcio dj and karlot … Two musical artists from Sardinia .. He, Francesco, 38 years old, aka Alcio, a music lover from an early age, with the first vinyls .. 20 years of love, dedication and passion .. Love for music .. Dj in discos, and in some private party .. She, Carlotta, 31 years old, aka karlot, defines herself as a translator of the musical language used to produce their songs, or not to forget the songs they have made the history of music, but in their own way ….

Without distorting the meaning of them … In their radio program and in their lives, they also talk about music, not only interpret it … Music as a teacher of life , philosophy, art, mathematics, geometry .. Their music, melodic-techno … For a few months in a short time, they already have 5 productions … Their musical theory: “the important thing is leave a mark in this life,


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