Grasi Francis

DJ  ON RADIO TECHNO ZAGREB ( Resident from 2021 )

A DJ graduated by Brasil de Curitiba, it was her big dream to graduate and have a specialization so the work could be more complete. Music has always been part of life. She loves parties and happy people with Vibe! Her music style is Techno. The repertoire is always with many tracks varied according to the audience and club, but generally all songs are chosen for quality and thus building a great story so that every presentation is unique

Francis DJ has long dreamed of being on top of. a stage transmitted joy to all of You, but I didn’t know that I would have difficulties like the fear of changing a professional life that caused me comfort and that for years satisfied me with a professional life that she Loves!

Until one day he realized he could fight and overcome fear with the Love I always had for music!
And that’s how Grasi Francis DJ was born
He learned that Fear will always exist, but Love for Music is what Moves!

She prefers traditional mixes, however, prioritizes the energy of the set, thinking only about bringing the greatest sense of joy to the audience, which is her greatest achievement. The Grasi Francis brand is
always looking for professional growth to bring the best experience to its biggest motivation, Público; Experimenting in the world of music production since 2020, Grasi will release his first track. Grasi has connections with many parts of the world recording several successful podcasts. Artist in continuous
evolution in search of a characteristic sound that makes his sets recognizable for their musical identity..



Um pedaço da História de Grasi Francis DJ. Há muito tempo Grasi Francis DJ sonhava em estar em cima de. um palco transmitido alegria à todos Vocês, mas não sabia que teria dificuldades como o medo de trocar uma vida profissional que me causava conforto e que por anos me satisfazia por uma vida profissional que ela Ama! Até que certo dia percebeu que poderia lutar e vencer o medo com o Amor que sempre tive pela música! E foi assim que nasceu Grasi Francis DJ Aprendeu que o Medo sempre vai existir, mas o Amor à Música é o que à Move!



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