dj nosferatum

DJ  ON RADIO TECHNO ZAGREB  ( Resident from 2022 )

hi i am dj nosferatum and on 1985 I bought my first record player. And played new wave. But after a while I found it boring to always put on a record and put it back on. i wanted to do more with music. i wanted to feel it, i wanted to play with it. so i bought myself a 2 record player and mixer. A dj was born. soon the new music style new beat came out in belgium after a dj played the record from a split second – Flesh was spinning at the wrong speed and it drove the people crazy. This was my music nice beats and a dj was born. But soon it was over with new beat and the success. And I started playing techno. i bought my records at wif records in mechelen with jan vervloet behind the counter known from bonzai channel one. that\’s how i got my records that no one had before they came out. because that was the craze as a dj at that time. In the beginning I played at home and we made a party before we went out with friends to the legendary clubs. Soon word spread that I was a DJ and was asked to play at parties, clubs, etc. Now I am still becoming a techno dj.i can\’t live without music and music is my life.also a then a word to techno radio zagreb where I now play as a resident


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