DJ  ON RADIO TECHNO ZAGREB  ( Resident from 2021 )

Name Wilfredo Alvarez DJWilly420 Guanacaste / Copenhagen Costa Rica / Denmark DJ of different Music style Focus more on *Reggae Roots & culture *Reggae Dancehall *All with Techno – Acid – Progressive and more of Electronics Music styles Course with the Music start in younger age when i use to play virtual dj program in my Pc and when i own a bar at 18 years old i stop play for many years until i move from Costarica to Denmark and was the Covid 19 time when i decide go for it from 2020 until the date now 2021. My passion for Music is a lot because i get to know a lot of new Music and also because sometimes i produce my own tracks and beats. I have a movement with a name Djs Puravida what also i have. A Facebook group where i put all everything in culture with reggae Music and techno Because is a different Way to get into this Both amazing Music culture. I am get it to make to know many new contacts and start playing in different radios and now i start in clubs. Recently i start this 2021 with the Crew of Artlantic from Copenhagen Denmark for play in Reggae on the docks club. And recently in Online radio techno Zagreb where I use to play a lot of my good techno music. I have also experienced to play for a year in Facebook live streaming and Instagram And with my SoundCloud profile Where I have 3000. Replays in more than 70 countries in the world in my first year with that movement. My close important contact and works have been with some singer and promotor and producer from around the world and some here in Denmark and Sweden. In my files in produced music I have some techno tracks i play in my SoundCloud page and Facebook I have some important connections in reggae like the singer Norrisman from Jamaica In techno with Drago from Radio Techno Zagreb I am Recently finish some new tracks I produced alone And make it more advanced my dj skills. Because I am one of the most recently Djs around in the area from Copenhagen Denmark but focus in make make dj progress with a nice style with good vibes sharing the pura vida life style from CostaRica My future goal is hit some good albums of my new tracks and be get it to knowing new singers and Djs Also to be able to open a reggae festival here in Denmark or get invite to play in one important techno bar or festival event My Dj controller is one pioneer Ddj fxl-6 where I get to know a lot new tricks for make amazing sets of music My promotion time for now is more with Radio techno Zagreb where I have use to play every Sunday at 10 pm Denmark time. My links for listen my music

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