DJ ON RADIO TECHNO ZAGREB ( Resident from 2021 )

DJ Outlaw was born Jerome MacGarett in the city of Kuala Lumpur on the 30th of May 1977. Even from childhood he has been very passionate about music. Growing up in the 80s he was exposed to two separate influences at the same time.. the early electronic experimentation of New Wave and the loud banging riffs of Rock. But as he entered his teenage years in the 90s he started listening to every possible genre of music to learn and understand more about the different kinds of artists and their individual styles.. everything from Blues, Folk, Industrial, Instrumental, New Age, Jazz and everything else. Only when he left school to start working did he discover and fall in love with electronic music.. going out to party after work almost every day found him learning more and more about dance music and developing a keen interest in Deejaying. He would usually stand behind the DJ console and keep asking the DJ the names of the songs he liked.. this is how he got discovered one day by DJ Glenn and DJ Brown in a club called The Musictheque. DJ Glenn taught him the theory needed for the fine art of mixing two songs together.. from there he got his hands-on practical training from working with DJ Tony in 3 different clubs, namely Happy, Zodiac and Styx. Back in the day there were no DJ schools around and he would work for free once a week following his friend from club to club in order to learn and perfect the skills required to DJ properly. His first actual paying job was with DJ Jay Justus at a club called Empire.. from there he started slithering from club to club and in the process learning the different concepts unique to each club.. everything from Latin to RnB to House to Retro, each club adding diversity to his experience as a DJ. Today, he has worked in places all over Malaysia from a resort in Langkawi and all the way to an indoor stadium in Miri. He has also played in all kinds of locations from KL Tower to the Singapore border to shopping centres and even in private parties in various secret locations all over the place. When he is not spinning at a club somewhere he can be found working on a new mix album or remixing a new track in his own home studio or researching new music for his next direction in sound.



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