Infected 1980 with electronic music by Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream I mainly concentrated on producing music with my first Synth, a Korg MS20 in 1985 and many other Synths and modular Systems over time. A lifelong journey through a lot of different electronic music genres laid ahead. As “child of the 80s” it ranged from Electro-Punk, EBM, Industrial Noise to early Techno and Generative Ambient Soundscapes. In my 20s I started DJing as a hobby, mostly in my bedroom with the little resources we had in those days, so mainly software. Playing and mixing music always was a big fun-part in my life, but mostly for private use like Mixtapes for my car. After a long pause in music production I rediscovered my joy in producing more technoid, harsher sounds and mixtapes again in 2011.

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