Mito Djem


I started selecting music by performing as a DJ in some house clubs in Italy, making lots of people dance. I play on numerous national and international radio programs. I regularly publish all my experiences and activities on my social profiles and on my music channels, where the DJ sets I create are available for free. I was part of the jury of a television program “Musicword” of which I selected the best video clips of emerging artists. During a gala of an Italian fashion gallery I selected the music for the fashion shows. In the year 2023 I made three dance music singles “Move Your body” with the Claw records label, “Running to you” with the Dance tunes Records label, “Time” with the Redowl records label, Orangle which surpassed the 150,000 streams. On March 13, 2024, the cover of the famous song “Could You Be Loved” by Bob Marley was released with the Virgin record label and Universalmusic group. Two other musical projects are in the pipeline in collaboration with international artists. I often play at large events in Italy and abroad: on 23 September 2023 at Cinecittawold in Rome, where. I helped liven up the opening of the Eiffel65 concert with my DJ set of 90s music; on December 31, 2023 with my DJ set of music from the 2000s, before the performance of the top stars.
For a younger audience I frequently play the melodic techno and techno genre in various venues in Italy and abroad; in October 2023 I played at the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event), in August and  Halloween 2023 I played at the Fabbrica del Beat, in Bari; on 1.1.2024 I played in Rome in the
famous and historic location “Orion”. On March 7, 2024 I played techno music in a club in Trani. On April 1st I played techno music in an event organized by Fabbrica del Beat. On March 23, 2024 I played at Cinecittàwold in Rome with DJ sets of 90s music. On April 1st I played techno music in an event organized by Fabbrica del Beat.In June 2024 I will be playing at the “Ministry of the sound” in London. There are many other
international musical projects in the year.


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