Raby Nazzal


Deejay artist since 1996 Music, fun and excitement… These were the thoughts with which it all began in 1994. As a young 14-year-old, he began to experiment with electronic music after he bought, listened to and was away from The prodiqy’s album called The prodiqy Experience.After that, everything went almost by itself. From time to time, he began to acquire equipment, which at that time was not as affordable as it is today. The still inexperienced musician bought his first records in a small shop in his Hometown of Saarbrücken, which was then called Hardwax.With different styles like house, techno and even acid, the boy started mixing. Influences like e.g. everybody be somebody -Ruffneck feat Yavan, Tori Amos -Professional Widow or even the first safe records of Blake Baxter and Josh Wink came so slowly into the still empty record case… practiced after school, with like-minded people in the good old youth center and got surprisingly routine in the Procedure of the DJ matter.Musical Resume/CV Time passed … 1998 the now popular DJ started to organise his first gigs. It was also sponsored and supported by the City Association of the City of Saarbrücken and the Sparkasse Saarbrücken, which was a privilege at the time.Then in 2000 the local breakthrough; he applied to a private club called Etage One to hang up, which was so slow about time, and after half a year he got the job as a resident DJ after establishing himself safely in the scene. Various events such as Summercircus or Magnet presents followed.In the years 2003 – 2008 the now mature and minted Deejay supported and put together Paco Osuna or Thomas P.Heckmann and supported Deejays like Daniela Stickroth, Portable AKA Bodycode, Magaret Dygas from Perlon Recordings and Patrick Chadronnet, which has shaped him to this day and also brought him a lot of prestige in the local scene.In 2008 he also began producing his own events and sound, which was new territory for him and was still in its infancy. At the beginning of 2009 he also released his first own track on my space called Sunvibe, which he also played at his events and also got a good response, but was still at the very beginning in terms of producing.In April 2009, the 29-year-old was hired by the local agency Red Space to perform at one of the best events in the country currently called Red Space to support Paco Osuna of +8 Recordings.
2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013:
Gigs in Berlin at the Suicide Circus and support the Bar 25 crew for the legendary Closing.Gigs on Ibiza at the Discopoint – support by Mettylectro, Capardi Rebels and Jay Haze.
2015 – 2017:
Own events at the legendary “Römerkastell” in Saarbrücken called “Atelier Bizarre” and other smaller events.
2017 – 2018:
Musical contribution to the project Bodys & Landscapes in France and Saarbrücken and further gigs at Jules Verne in Saarbrücken.
2018 – 2022:
Degree in event management at one of the promotion agencys from Germany in Frankfurt am Main.


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