Linzy Creber


A self confessed Audio Junkie with A profound Love for ALL Genre of Dance Music and a Deep Rooted connection to the Dance Music Scene here in the UK. His Musical Journey derived from a young age. The Notorious Escape into the Park being at the forefront of my Love for Dance Music as a young enthusiastic Clubber back in the day….

Many of his Sets being broadcast around the world in Mexico, France, The USA and Germany on labels such as House Salad Music, Little Routine Series, The Beach House Podcast and many more..

“I would like think that i understands the dynamics of the Dance Floor and have the ability to keep the floor Grooving through my apt knowledge and Experience. House Music has been a Major influence in all aspects of my Life and with Solid Releases on Tone Artistry, Blue Records Re; Sound records ,Deep Down Dirty and Electronic Beats Records, Karmic Power and Legent Records just this year (2019)2020 is looking like a Huge year for myself moving forward..





Resident from 2019

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