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Hello Here is the weekly show
Groovegsus & Friends – EP020 – AVMK
Greetings, music enthusiasts, and Welcome to the Groovegsus & Friends radio show!!
This is episode 020, and this week our guest come from north of France : AVMK
This made us a mix full of solomun tracks!!

Hailing from the North of France, AVMK is a dynamic DJ making waves in the electronic music scene. A true music aficionado, Michael’s journey began with a deep appreciation for all genres of music. However, it was the pulsating rhythms and powerful beats of electronic music that captured his heart and led him to specialize in this genre.
Michael’s passion for music transcends borders as he has electrified audiences in various venues across France and Belgium. His sets are characterized by an intense energy and a unique blend of Techno and Melodic Techno, captivating listeners and making every performance unforgettable.
A proud member of the Kolibry group, Michael is an integral part of this vibrant collective that is active in the North of France. Through his involvement with Kolibry, he continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, bringing fresh sounds and innovative mixes to the forefront.
Join us as we dive into the world of AVMK, where powerful beats and melodic journeys await. Get ready to experience the musical prowess of Michael Crombet!

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AVMK.fr
Soundcloud: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6armtf2pl7XM4kGNN_quXQ

Klangwerk Radio Show – Groovegsus

Groovegsus is a Belgian artist making electronic music.Producer, remixer, DJ and label owner, the multifaceted artist is passionated by electronic music.
Groovegsus holds true to the belief that the power of music brings us together as one. The diversity of his tastes, and his ability to create spellbinding club experiences, promote harmony on the dance floor.
Groovegsus turns up with records fluctuating between genres, not having a distinctive sound attached. That gives him the freedom to experiment,so his trademark doesn’t yet lie in specific sound, but in releasing prevailing material that is quite ear catching and tasteful.
Groovegsus manages 2 labels  Klangwerk record and Am Strand Records.
He released Track on those labels  Klangwerk Records , Ole Records, Locked Records, Kiss My Beat Records, Appetite Records, Faraway Scope, Deep House Belgium, Baroque Records, Am Strand Records, @Bonzai  Progressive, @DiscoVeryDivine, Neglected Grooves, Royal House, Bit Records Mexico, Antartic Records, Techno Vinyl Records,  LW Recordings

 Groovegsus You Can follow the show:

👉 Sunday at 21.00 on Radio Vibration  Bruxelles 107.2 FM – Mons 91.0 FM
http://www.vibration.fm/player/ *
👉Tuesday at 21.00 on X-Beat Radio
http://www.xbeat.org *
👉Thursday at 18.00 on Love Trip Radio – Koln (DE)
https://linktr.ee/LoveTripRadio *
👉Friday at 02.00 on Eibiza Radio group Radio , Label et Tv
👉Friday at 19.00 on Kapital3 Croatia
👉Sunday at 00.00 on RPL Radio Lille (FR) 99.0 FM / DAB+
http://rpl.radio *

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