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My name is Shaun Hayes and I Hail from the North East of England, a little place called Middlesbrough. I have been a DJs since 1998 and have and started out on good old vinyl. One of my very first vinyl’s I bought was Mauro Picotto’s Pegasus. It was that moment I fell in love with techno. I have various residencies for other music but Techno is my true love. Middlesbrough doesn’t really have a dark, deep and raw techno vibe. I am very passionate at what I do and need to showcase my skills to the underground followers. I currently have mixes played around the internet radio stations but being me I always thrive for more. 24 years of music and I still get Goosebumps to every harrowing, hypnotic break down, OH and I love and acid drop. I have mixes on mixcloud and hearthis and I am also available to follow on Instagram and Facebook @djshaunhayes on both platforms. Massively in FJAKK, T78, Makaja Gonzales and Drumcomplex  at the moment but hey, is there any bad Techno tune?

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