DJ Komotive

DJ  ON RADIO TECHNO ZAGREB ( Resident from 2020 )


Music has always been the driving force Komotive’s life, Toying with music for over 20 years, and has broad appreciation of music. Likes to play solid Techno sets, but also branches out to enjoy playing a varied set with inflections, tangents and diversions from a wide base of genres and styles.
His first turntable experiences were from a close friend, who sparked the chain of events that have forged the direction that the interests in music have taken. Two deck’s, some Happy Hardcore and a mixer were lent and the rest is history!

Mixing at underground parties, almost by accident, by helping out to keep music playing in the late hours of the afternoon! After that the bug bit and has been buying ‘tekno’ 4×4 style music revolving around a range of subgenre periferies ever since!!!

His tastes have developed somewhat over the years and cover a broad spectrum of music over 20 years of mixing – Techno is still a love, but now enjoys broken beat, dark trance, dark tech-house, lower end of electro with dark techie edges.



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