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Mix: Techno 138 BPM BPM 11-6-2023

Teletraan 1 (Original Mix) Robert Curtis
Falling Forward (Original Mix) Phara
Tonkonst Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell
Stereo Chat Sosa Ibiza & Dalosy
Blend Cecilia Tosh
Just Listen (Original Mix) D-Unity
Always Silver & Never Gold Biri & Yogg
THrough My Veins (Original Mix) Marhu
Cyborg (Original Mix) Renrof
Forever Seeking (Original Mix) Elisa Bee
Fuck You – Pay Me (Original Mix) Michael Burkat
Brutal Device (Original Mix) Gareth Wild


Mix: Techno 136 BPM 4-6-2023

Turnover (Original Mix) Milo Raad
Love Those Who Fight (Dub Mix) Chris Liebing
Steps (Original Mix) Egotot
Alone (Original Mix) DJ Tribe
Chinese Water Torture (Original Version) Oliver Rosemann
Afterlife (Original Mix) CL2
Luna (Klaudia Gawles Remix) Andres Campo & Ramiro Lopez
Abyss (Original Mix) Drunken Kong
Death Bed (Original Mix) Ben Bork
15 Waves (Original Mix) Leopold Bar
Eight (Original Mix) The Advent
Subconscious Reset Juliet Fox
In My Memory (Original Mix) Hatewax


Mix: Techno 150 BPM 19-5-2023

Rage (SIRO Remix) Andre Drath
Darkest (P.T.B.S. Remix) Hanzzo
Demolition (Extended Mix) Alex Farell
Fatal Distriction (Pitch! Remix) Jim Solis
Feel The Darkness (Original Mix) Luciid & Per Pleks
Darker (Sandro Mure HT RMX) Hanzzo
Sorry, I’m A Brutalist (Original Mix) Marco Ginelli & Pitch!
First Breath (Extended Mix) Sara Landry & Don Woezik
Gib Mir Alles (Original Mix) O.B.I & RWGK & Timo Revna
Close Your Eyes Alignment
The Right Place (Original Mix) V.O.Y
Shake It Off (Jacks Menec Remix) Tom Schipperen

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