Šakić Sanjin

DJ  ON RADIO TECHNO ZAGREB ( Resident from 2020 )


Born in Sarajevo 1996 year, Sanjin aka „Nephilim “, started to develop his artist ambitions since childhood. He started with sports he developed sense for passion, culture and emotions. Soon after he discovers his talents in drawing and beauty of nature and in nature sharp hearing that helps him to hear the sounds that fascinate him. His further development continues with interest in piano and drums which brings him in Berlin where he finds out about his talent in Electronic music.

Sanjin combines his melodies to get unique presentation of his love towards music, for which he claims that it shows his emotions and a message to world. Weather he puts together a melody that sends you on unforgettable journey or rhythm witch compels you in fun adventure, Sanjin sends a message about his vision: „ I am young talent from Bosnia and Herzegovina and hope of next century. We all are human, we all want better life! I see that I opened my eyes ! I will help you to open yours, wake up, feel. My message is love, unity to better life ! I know that there is more of us that want same and see same. I know that you can feel my love towards humanity. Let’s build better tomorrow together! “

His music takes you on a beginning of journey throughout world of minimal techno. Showing relaxing sounds through which he learns to love life, than it crosses to psy-trance world with which he will lure smile and urge to dance. He will show you that you can always keep child in you and show you joy that you feel. His ultimate weapon through which he shows his visions reaches goa beats which he figured in short period that he can produce. His goa is a story of awakening conscience and how he opened his eyes, like a breathtaking poem!




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