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Rodrigo Prado (Mutagen Records / Samsara Festival)
Passionate about music from a very early age, in 1994 he started his eclectic collection of K7 tapes and vinyl records, over time he got to know electronic music and in 1997 very interested in DJing got a pair of Toca Discs, that’s when he started making his first mixes , until then as a hobby. He went through several styles of E-music, had his stage of Euro Dance, Rap, Jungle, Drum`N`Bass, then he moved to Techno. In 2001 he had his first contact with Psy Trance, he was “love at first sight”, he started to dedicate himself a lot to the style and attend parties and festivals of the genre.

Today with more than 15 years of experience as a Disk-Jockey, he always carries in his case the latest in Full On style, his sets are characterized by his precise technique in mixes and performances, selecting tracks with bass lines that vary progressively from the grooviest to the most straight, combining timbres and sound elements that certainly provide a euphoric atmosphere on the track, always concerned with balancing the weight of each set according to the time it plays, owner of a very exciting stage presence, prominence and public attention has gained in each presentation:





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