Furah Dread

Fundile Guqa (born on 17 September 1991) stage name Furah Dread. Furah is taken from his name Fundile and Dread as a Rasta with dread. Furah Dread is a South African singer, he is not under the company. He is an independent artist. He is Guitar player, Composer, Lead Singer & Songwriter with his nice voice. Fundile Guqa was born in Bizana, a small Town in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. He grew up in Bizana at Ndunge Location. He started primary School at Gecelo JPS, senior at Ndunge JSS and passed his matric by a bachelor’s degree at Ntukayi S.S.S. on 2010. He went at Mangosuthu University of Technology to study survey engineering as his career and at the same time doing his music as a part time. He started to write his songs on 2002 but that time was not writing reggae songs until 2007 when he heard & fall in love with reggae. He was going around the Town looking for someone to help him to do more on Reggae music until 2012 when he met with Jeroma. Brother who was having the instruments. Because Furah Dread didn’t know to play guitar at that time, he was only writing songs, singing and the brother he met play guitar/keyboard. He also teach Furah to arrange the song. That year Furah was living at home, having a gap year after matric. He spent more time on music, on his room & applying on Universities. On 2012 February he went to Limpopo & Gauteng province to look for higher education, he didn’t get school. He lived with his father at Tumela mine for 6 months. When his father was at work Furah Dread was busy writing songs in the room. Furah started his music on his room not like other artist started music at churches & School. Music is what he was doing all the time since he was a student at a young age. Because of growing up in the Town in Rural settlement, where music is not done, people only become teachers, Doctors & so on. He was not getting anywhere with his music, he was doing it to satisfy his soul, his brothers & sisters. He was also a soccer player at all Schools attended & also in the community. He designed his own T-SHIRTS & give others to his fans on 2014.

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