Changing Faces

Changing Faces:

Greetings gang,

A.M.B is back on the decks with us following lots of parties and travelling recently, she’s brings us some fresh updates to her curated ‘Selects’ mix with some fresh minimal tech house that we love.
At the middle of the show we get to hear our latest Spotlight Special which is the latest remix work of RxILZ, who’s done an interesting take of Higher by Monseigner which features airy vocals and a distinctive drum arrangement.
Then we finish off in Miami by hearing the latest work of Ella Romand who’s done us a signature styled mix that’s packed with melodies and driving euphoria and downtempo rhythms all throughout.



(TUE) 11:00 PM  GMT  –   (WED) 12:00 AM  CET  –   (TUE) 7:00 PM EST

    (TUE)  6:00 PM CST  – (TUE) 4:00 PM PST









Guest: Ella Romand:



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