Richard Myles

  DJ  ON RADIO TECHNO ZAGREB  ( Resident from 2023 )

Viper Productions, LLC’s “Ambient Nights” music CD is a fine collection of strong ambient, jazz, new age, and techno rhythms all onto one extraordinary CD. Richard Myles is a professional music composer who scores theatrical films, but also has a gift to compose music to touch your soul. Special guest on the Ambient Nights Vol 1 Cd is the equally talented “Regginald Watson” who adds his creative artistry to the mix.

Ambient Nights Vol 2 continues the flavor of Ambient Nights Vol 1, but this album is more aggressive featuring Richard Myles and Shawn K. Clement of Clemistry Music. Shawn has scored some of the industry’s biggest films such as Quantum Quest starring Samuel Jackson, Amanda Peete, James Earl Jones, Chris Pine, and many more. We are very honored to have Shawn and Clemistry’s music on this album.

A Journey Home features Richard Myles’ most erotic and sensual music on this incredible album. This is a dedication to Niagara falls, NY my beloved home town!

Darkness within Vol 1 is a fine collection of dark ambient horror music by the talented Richard Myles and Michael Damon. It truly touches the soul by helping you to face the darkness we all sometimes feel inside.

Ambient Nights Vol 3-Erotic Fantasies features Richard Myles and Ilirjan Guri from Berat, Albania. This album combines ambient, erotic, and sensual elements to make you feel like making love to your soul mate.

Ambient Nights Vol IV-Center Stage brings you 20 incredible ambient tracks to penetrate your soul. This music is ageless, and you will discover how incredible they are after you hear them.

Ambient Nights Vol 5-Musica De Soul brings fans some serious dance tracks with a Latin flavor. There are some very cool tracks on this album to give Richard Myles’ fans a different perspective on Richard’s music talent.

Ambient Nights Vol 6-State of Mind takes Richard Myles’ music to a whole new level with music that reflects his creative state of mind…..

Ambient Nights Vol VII-Emotions is a continuation of Richard Myles’ deep thoughts about the world around him…this album represents the highs and lows of life’s unpredictable journey. This album has many piano based tracks with some wicked synth bass…fans will absolutely LOVE this album!!!!


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