Halley Seidel


This professional is a pioneer of electronic sound in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has been in charge of pickups on the scene for 30 years.
One of the founders of B.U.M. Brazilian Underground Movement. One of the pioneering movements of electronic music in Brazil.
Its release features a series of presentations at important national and international events.
Who has not heard of the biggest dance floor in the world? Ipanema STEREO BEACH ?! https://youtu.be/upVWjoi0uoA
Yeah; he has already presented himself in it to an estimated audience of 300 thousand people, He also played alongside several Top DJs such as: David Angel, Lulu & Jim and WestBan, Marky, Murphy, Patife, DJ Mau Mau, Anderson Noise etc. Already presented in one of the biggest festivals of the planet, THE “ROCK IN RIO III Tenda ELECTRO ”  In Europe it passed the legendary ” TRESOR CLUB ” (BERLIN DE) in two editions, 12 Hundert Frankfurt Oder, Limelite Switzerland and Rind Club France in several clubs of the European continent.


Worldwide release soon!
Halley Seidel – Stomach discomfort (Tropical Underground Czech Republic)Remixes: Marcelo K2, Woody McBride and the great name of the electronic world scene and creator of House Music, Jesse Saunders.  Dead Groovy Music is excited to present to you the incredible new remix EP from ‘Halley Seidel’ entitled ‘Love Freakout’.  The original is a classic in its own rights with that massive vocal hook, bouncing bass and and chord hits. I just came out with the on Beatport EP for the three track EP THE TECHNO ALLIANCE from my total author.  A disc with influences from Detroit’s sonorous Techno world sound and Samba’s signature sounds, Electro Breaks and  more! Highlight for track (Detroit Techno da Samba). For sale on wav, mp3, cd and 12 inch vinyl models. This Rio and pioneer of electronic sound in RJ, and is in charge of pickups on the scene 26 years. He responds by acetatozuca nickname in his productions and DJ Halley Seidel. One of the founders of B.U.M. Brazilian Underground Movement. One of the pioneers of movement electronic music in Brazil.  He currently holds the place in the Top 86 DJ List DJSOUND of the 100 best DJ’s in the country. DJ HALLEY SEIDEL a Brazuca with electronic sound in the vein!


Halley Seidel
Wapp: 55+21 9 88782100
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