Johann Colenetz

In mid-2005 Vinícius began his career as a DJ, in which he came into contact with electronic music for the first time. In search of musical evolution, he entered the Audio Wizard school to study Sound Technician, with the master José Lauro Rímoli. Later, in order to perfect his knowledge, he deepened in the subject when entering the school of Djs Yellow Academy. In addition, in partnership with Mixsa Assessoria de Comunicação e Imagem (2014-2016), he created the project called “Johann”. When returning to international and national artists, like Fabrício Peçanha, ReDupre, Carl Cox, Nicole Maudaber, he fell in love with tech house and techno. The vast musical experience gained over the course of his career led to the production of incredible ensembles.

The progress of TTH stands out when it establishes the cooperation with the Web Radio Line Up, in which the reach of the filming takes place beyond the borders one day imagined in its beginning. Other locations were elevated, among them Canada and Germany.Johann seeks in his daily studies to convey in his presentations the happiness that motivates him.



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