Bᴏʏᴀɴ Hᴏᴏf

Boyan Hoof Producer and Remixer, mainly Techno ,totally self-taught as a DJ, also as a composer.He was born in 1974 and grew up in Athens Greece. The last 7 years he lives in Magdeburg Germany. His first contact with music and his mix was at the age of 17. His career as a DJ started first 2 clubs in Rhodes island in Greece at Swedish bar and in LINDOS Rhodes at Socrates Bar.In December 2010, he signed his first contract with the J&S Music Factory in Athens for the first CD Youtube
and Youtube single titled ”Aναγεννηση”.Rebirth.
Always with a technique in constant evolution over the past 20 years, as well as weekly or guest resident from several clubs he played music for every kind of occasion (clubs, bars, parties, etc.) His knowledge of different types of music grew constantly.This helps him play all kinds of music (Greek parties,special arabic events,techno parties, etc.) A musical journey that won’t leave anyone indifferent…


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